Memberships are limited and subject to availability. This ensures that all members have reasonable access to the facility and that days are busy without being too busy or busy too often.

Promo membership are one year commitments w/ $30 early cancellation.
Board Game Promo: $15/monthly (1 year commitment, $30 to cancel early)
Arcade/Pinball Promo: $15/monthly (1 year commitment, $30 to cancel early)

Regular memberships may be cancelled using our web form prior to their renewal.
Memberships cancelled after they've renewed will continue until their next renewal date.
Games Monthly: $0 down, $45 monthly
Draft Monthly: $60 down, $60 monthly (unlimited regular drafts, upcharge for special sets)
Pinball Monthly: $0 down, $45 monthly
Billiards Monthly: $0 down, $125 monthly
Golf Monthly: $99 down, $175 monthly
Ping Pong/Air Hockey Monthly: Expected to be offered late February.